About Us

Don Ziegler Carpentry

I am a licensed and fully insured Massachusetts  construction  supervisor and I am a member of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Cape Cod.  In the twenty-six years I have been in business I have worked on projects as small as replacing  windows  to building complete homes. I give all my customers hands on work and attention to detail which makes for a smooth completion of projects.  I especially enjoy problem solving with customers and finding creation solutions which help complete the project within their budget and give them the living space  they are looking for.

My favorite projects are the ones where I can give a customer exactly what they want at a fair price and in short time. One special project was for a retired Kindergarten teacher in Harwich. Her garage had been knocked off its foundation by an out of control car and was not repairable. I worked with the insurance company to arrive at a quick settlement of her claim and then started the rebuilding. Although this was a modest house, it was the dream home she and her husband had built over 50 years ago. She wanted the new garage to look exactly like the original.

She had the plans for the house and we used these to rebuild the garage to its original look with improvements to bring it up to current codes.

I enjoyed this project immensely and have stayed in contact with my customer who has become a friend. I give all my customers hands-on work and attention to detail which makes for smooth completion of projects.